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Making Lawyers Exceptional

We work with lawyers to develop their leadership and people skills to stand out from the crowd (145,000 and counting!) to give them personal competitive advantage.

In this constantly changing competitive environment where technical skills are increasingly becoming a commodity; it's a lawyer’s ability to connect and engage with their clients and colleagues that will make the difference between success and failure. Because fundamentally to continue to succeed then you need to be continuously developing, honing and increasing your leadership, people, business development skills in order to WOW the clients in today’s legal landscape.

Our role is to encourage and inspire you to excel at these critical skills, so that you focus on engagement whilst delivering your technical expertise to become their trusted adviser as competition intensifies for your clients.

Are you Winning or Learning?

The truth is that most lawyers neglect the development of their people skills in pursuit of technical skills to deliver fee-earning work. In today’s changing legal landscape, it's the people and business development skills that will make or break your careers; and deliver success for your organisations by providing an extraordinary client experience.
As Tom Peters says ‘the only competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster’

So why not learn to win, with compelling professionally tailored practical based training and coaching designed by a Top 100 Lawyer? Beyond the Brief training and coaching will leave you better equipped to thrive in the fundamental changes and challenges the legal profession is currently facing – be exceptional!

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Managing External Legal Resources by Ann Page

Ann Page's new book "Managing External Legal Resources" has been launched.

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